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Game Analysis: ERA7


20 Jan 2023



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Game Analysis: ERA7


● ERA7: Game of Truth is a Play-to-Earn NFT-based TCG (Trading Card Game) running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players collect and combine the cards in their deck to fight opponents.

● The gameplay is fast-paced and competitive (3 minutes). The project is rich in depth and content, providing users with long hours of entertainment. Novice or experienced gamers can all have fun and benefit from the P2E ecosystem.

● The precious Master Card NFT has the summoning function of Battle Card NFT. Strategic Battle Card is used for participating in the tournaments, and for PvE/PvP in the game.

● Besides battle, the battle cards also have the ability to obtain $ERA through mining. The higher the level of the Battle Card, the higher the mining power.

● ERA7 is founded by core team members from internationally renowned game developers with over 15 years of valuable experience such as Com2uS, NCsoft, Nexon, and Netmarble.

● ERA7 is backed by heavyweight VCs and blockchain institutions such as HashKey, Huobi Group, OKCoin, Binary Capital, DAG, Waterdrip, Dreamseeker, BTC12, Tembusu, and Mobox.

● In November 2021, Armors Labs published a security assessment and audit report on ERA7.

● Also in November 2021, ERA7 completed its seed round and an initial private round of financing, led by Hashkey and MOBOX, and a dozen other renowned VCs and institutions including Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), AU21 Capital, AlphaCoin Fund, Waterdrip Capital and more.

● ERA7 has partnered with numerous gaming guilds, both large and small.

● The sales of ERA7’s first batch of NFT Mystery Boxes are set on 20th December 2021.

● To build a sustainable GameFi model, ERA7’s reward system will be built on a dual-token strategy: $ERA and $GOT.

● At the time of writing, ERA7 has 67.9K followers on Twitter, 35.8K members on Discord, and 39.7K members on Telegram.


ERA7: Game of Truth is a competitive Play-to-Earn NFT-based TCG (Trading Card Game) developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has been created by a team of core blockchain technicians and members of well-known casual game development companies. Launched in Q1 2022, ERA7 delivers endless possible strategies with a huge number of cards, each with its own unique features. Players collect and combine the cards in their own card library in different ways to ensure that their deck is as strong as possible. Not only watch their own deck but also carefully observe the movements and positioning of their opponents in order to win their opponents.

ERA’s virtual world is built on Web3.0, which runs parallel to the real one. Functioning as a vast and traversable online world with monetary assets, social methods, and complete spatial perception and physical rules, it’s not only independent of the real world but complementary to it.


ERA7 is played on the battlefield with 9x9 squares on both sides of the player. It means that both sides will randomly draw hand cards from the 30-card library and drag the battle card to play the game. Some battle cards will attack and defend in each round, while others will produce complementary effects in each round. The battlefield is divided into three fronts. When there are no enemy battle cards in the row where the creature is, it will directly attack the enemy hero, causing damage equal to the attack power.

ERA7 is a one-versus-one game where you must take the health of your opponent down to 0 in order to win. Attacking opponents directly when there are no enemy cards in the row will reduce their health, but some creatures and spell cards can heal them back up. Each player takes a turn to draw a card from their deck into their hand, play any cards they wish, and then attack the opponent directly or use the cards they have on the battlefield.

Each card you play costs mana. With you having a limited amount each turn, meaning you can't play all the best cards in the same turn. Your mana increases each turn, meaning the strongest cards cannot be played until the later rounds. By dragging a battle card to the mana value, you can deplete the battle card to gain 1 extra mana point during the current round, only once per round.

—Campaign (PvE)
PVE content includes at least 50 levels, 8 campaigns, more than 3,000 stages, and a variety of challenges. Players can unlock it when they reach Lv. 3 in Quick Match and need at least 30 battle cards to fight and face rich challenges. When the player upgrades to another level, $GOT can be used to summon battle cards from Master Card. Players can also repeat the challenge daily to obtain corresponding resource rewards. The rewards in the Campaign include non-NFT Battle Cards, GOT, medals, etc.

• Expert Alliance (Daily)
• Ranked Competition (Monthly)
• World Cup (Fortnightly)

When a player enters the PVP arena, they shall be matched with other players. The player will then have the chance to win ERA tokens and/or GOT after winning the battle. Players with higher rankings can get more rewards from the game. In addition, ERA tokens and GOT can be sold or exchanged via the marketplace, so that players can profit from them in real life. A higher ranking will then allow players to get more GOT and Era tokens through PVP.

In the future, players will encounter an endless amount of land upon which they will be able to build and operate their own homes. Players can use various resources and processing materials found in the game to upgrade their own lands. In addition, the owner of a plot of land can find his or her location on the world map. Using the ERA7 cards in their home to explore the world map can also be a good way of obtaining Era tokens. Players also have a certain probability of obtaining Era tokens through the land itself.

This is a unique feature of The Game of Truth, and sets the game apart from similar platforms within GameFi; players have land development rights while landowners will receive abundant resources and subsidies. This is the working direction that the project party shall focus on in the future.

—Brawl Tavern
Brawl Tavern is a PvP mode that allows you to customize the battle room. You can unlock it when you reach Lv. 6 in Quick Match. You can either create your own room or join a room created by another player, having a 1v1 battle. To enter the battle room, you need to meet the matching requirements of the room, including holding enough Game ERA Token to place a bet and the Combat Power of your deck being in the same range of level.


—Master Card
Master Cards cannot be used in battle, but can represent a hero in battle. If the Master Card's primary or secondary race is the same as the Battle Card in the deck, the hero's life (i.e., the player's HP life) increased. The higher the quality of the Master Card, the more extra HP gained. Different types of Master Cards (common, rare, epic, and legendary) will generate different types of Battle Cards. The amount of generated Battle Cards, the time interval, and the daily quantity will vary according to the type of Master Card.

—Battle Card
Battle cards build up the actual deck you need to have: the minimum number of battle cards is 30. They also come in four types: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, and players can use GOT/ERA tokens to synthesize higher-level Battle Cards. Players can obtain battle cards via Quick Match, Official Marketplace, etc. They could create a deck in terms of their own battle strategies.

For new beginners, they will be given 30 battle cards for free, which can be viewed in Deck.

In each 30-card deck, common, rare, and epic quality cards with the same name can carry up to three cards in the deck, while only one legendary card with the same name can be carried. The same Battle Card can be carried in different decks at the same time. Cards from up to two races can be placed in a deck, so players need to think carefully. It is up to you to decide whether the cards of the two races work together to develop their strengths or support each other. Or you can use only one race to form a deck and maximize its characteristics.

Battle Cards are divided into creature cards and spell cards, with racial attributes and four rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). They are used for daily mining, participating in PVP and PVE battles, and synthesizing higher-level NFT Battle Cards.

Additional Feature

Through the Synthesizing System, players can consume ERA and GOT tokens to combine the exact same NFTs Battle Cards (the same rarity degree, same character, and same Lv.) to create a level-up NFT Battle Card.

• Lv.1 + Lv.1 = Lv.2(total of 2 cards needed)
• Lv.2 + Lv.2 = Lv.3(total of 4 cards needed)
• Lv.3 + Lv.3 = Lv.4(total of 8 cards needed)
• Lv.4 + Lv.4 = Lv.5(total of 16 cards needed)

Synthesized upgraded NFT Battle Cards will randomly gain higher attack, defense points, other effects, or additional values, such as mining arithmetic (hash power). Higher-level NFT Battle Cards perform better in combat and mining, meaning they have a higher market value and bring players more revenue and profits.

—Mining Camp
Each Battle Card can obtain ERA Tokens through mining. All NFT Battle Cards held by the player can be used for "Daily-Automatic Mining" in ERA7. Different types of Battle Cards have different mining power. The higher the level of the Battle Card, the higher the mining power.

For example, your total Power is 10,000, and the total power of the world is 1,000w. Then, your hash power ratio will be 10,000/1,000w = 0.1%. And if the team puts 38,000 ERA Token today, you will get: 38,000*0.1% = 38 ERA Token today.

Based on the number of ERA Token and BNB that you add to the pool, you will receive the corresponding number of LP tokens.

veERA is the vote. You can only earn veERA by staking ERA Token in DAO. After staking ERA Token in DAO, the veERA will be updated in real-time in the DAO system; the remaining veERA can be used for the voting in the future. Players are able to vote with veERA to decimal places. Once you vote, you cannot take back the votes, but you can add more votes.


To build a sustainable GameFi model, ERA7’s reward system will be built on a dual-token strategy. The two tokens will be $ERA and $GOT.

$ERA is the primary token in the game, as its value at any time is a reflection of the game’s entire value. The tokens will be used for game rewards, competition rewards, pledge rewards, and most importantly, as an essential condition for players to participate in the governance system of the platform. Lastly, ERA Tokens will be tradable on crypto-exchange platforms. The total amount of Era tokens to be issued is 1 billion. Players can obtain Era token rewards through battling, getting involved in community incentives, and liquidity mining. The Era token obtained by the player can be exchanged for USDT or local fiat.

$ERA Allocation

$ERA Vesting

$ERA Burning Rules & Treasure Flows

$GOT is a resource token that fuels the game (similar to Axie’s SLP). Therefore, its prominent use cases revolve around the core economic cycle system of the game. This token has some utilities:

1. The synthesis upgrade of a Battle Card requires the consumption of GOT and ERA Tokens, and more vital cards can get more rewards in the game.
2. Resetting the Master Card also requires a lot of GOT
3. There will be GOT rewards for daily tasks, participate PVE and weekly competitive rankings.

$GOT Burning Rules


ERA7 team members have extensive experience in game dev, a lot of them hailing from such companies as Com2us, NCsoft, Nexon, and Netmarble.



Era7 is committed to becoming the best Gamified TCG card game in the world. With fairness, safety, and transparency at the core of the game and interesting gameplay with rich player benefits on the outer, Era7: Game of Truth is set its roadmap to 2028.


At the time of writing, ERA7 has 67.9K followers on Twitter, 35.8K members on Discord, and 39.7K members on Telegram. The team responds quite quickly on Discord to questions and problems raised by the community. ERA7 also has communities for their respective countries on Telegram, equipped with admin representatives as well.

ERA7 has the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, announcement, report bug, and discussion/suggestion about the marketplace, mini-event, and poll. Members from non-English countries are also accepted and given their respective channels for an international chat.

Furthermore, ERA7 concentrates on interacting with the community, including hosting AMA, giveaways, and holding many special events and championships. Currently, ERA7 holding a World Cup Tournament that will last for 6 weeks. All players are equally and randomly divided into four leagues, and each league has its own ranking and reward system.

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