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Game Analysis: Karmaverse Zombie


25 Jan 2023



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Game Analysis: Karmaverse Zombie


● Karmaverse Zombie is the first Match-3 game installment from the AAA GameFi Karmaverse. The game is a shortcut for traditional game players to enter the world of blockchain games by studying the classic economic model of Play-To-Earn. Each player will administrate one shelter, and NFT Fighter, which players can sell, trade, and use within the game.

● The gameplay combines SLG and Match-3, so it has low barriers to entry and can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore players alike. Match 3 tiles of the same color to launch attacks against enemies. As with many other match-3 games, matching 4 or 5 tiles of the same color will create special tiles in addition to the normal attack. The special tile created by matching 4 of the same color explodes, consuming the tiles around it.

● Free players can sign up and enjoy the game even without buying NFTs, and free players can earn tokens as they play. Players who purchase NFTs will be able to use them in-game and free trade them, and will naturally earn more as they grow stronger and participate in the game itself.

● Each Fighter card is unique with its own capabilities, bonuses, and personalized avatar, and represented by an NFT. Fighters have different rarities (represented by the number of stars), colors, levels, bonuses, combat ratings, and special skills, alongside other unique attributes.

● Knot is the main utility token in Karmaverse with numerous use cases.

● Karmaverse has raised over $6 million in a private round led by A&T Capital to bring GameFi to the biggest game economics. The private round included participation from key blockchain-gaming and Web3 leaders, such as Foresight Ventures, Polygon Studios, Cao Zhen (Partner of Republic), OKX Blockdream Ventures, NFX, Mindfulness Capital, GSR Ventures, HashKey Capital, Fundamental Labs, Y2Z, L2Y, Altonomy, and others.

● In February, Karmaverse closed a $2-million seed round led by Yield Guild Games South East Asia, IVC, and TPS Capital.

● At the time of writing, Karmaverse has 73.9K followers on Twitter, 43.4K members on Discord, 25.7K members on Telegram, and 6.1K subscribers on YouTube.


Karmaverse Zombie is a blockchain-based NFT social game that focuses on the struggle for survival and domination in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants. Each player will administrate one shelter, and each Fighter they control is represented by a unique NFT, which players can sell, trade, and use within the game. By assembling a powerful team of Fighters, players will be able to create the strongest Fight Club in the land to resist the zombie horde and work with or compete against other players.

Karmaverse Zombie is the first game produced by Karmaverse, the gaming platform that offers players the chance to combine crypto, decentralized finance, and play-to-earn gaming, all in one sitting with this game built on blockchain.


Karmaverse Zombie is a Match-3 game that involves you fighting and killing zombies to advance and gain more wealth. But unlike previous zombie-related games, there are several twists in this one.

—The Board
The battleground is divided into two sections; the top displays the enemy (zombies) and the bottom displays the tiles and fighters used to kill the zombies.

To defeat a zombie or launch an attack on an enemy, you need to match three tiles of the same color. This creates a combo on the enemy. You can match these three tiles horizontally or vertically. To launch a bigger attack, you can match 4–5 tiles of the same color which creates a special on the battleground scene in addition to the normal attack. This special tile is used in such a way that when it explodes, it destroys all tiles around it, launching a special attack. Also, you can match five tiles of the same color to create another special tile used to defeat big zombies because it detonates all tiles of the same color on the board. This can be used to kill the big zombie boss, which comes at the end of every level.

—The Fighters
In Karmaverse Zombie, you do not need to buy fighters. With a zombie and two living fighters, you can make a new fighter without losing your existing fighters. This process is called curing a zombie and turning it into a fighter in the game.

This process is gone in the Bio Lab section of the game. In this section, you can use two fighters placed side by side and a zombie placed in the middle to create a new fighter. But note that you need serum for this process, and the zombie needs to be recently captured, not expired. Also, NFT fighters have to be paired with another NFT fighter. In comparison, non-NFT fighters are paired with non-NFT fighters to cure a zombie into a living fighter.

This process takes time, as the zombie after the process needs to rest for about four days before it becomes a fighter. The fighters also need to rest and be used only seven times each to cure a zombie. This is how you get new fighters in Karmaverse Zombie, and the new fighter can be found under your Zombie list.

Your fighters need to level up to increase their power. This requires that they take vitamin drinks. Stronger fighters need more drinks, so you have to plan effectively to provide drinks for your fighters. Check your factory and research how to make more drinks.
While researching and making new drinks for your fighters, you can combine lower-level NFTs with higher-level NFTs. The production process differs for different drinks. So, when making vitamin drinks, you have to prioritize the drinks you need most for your fighters. Then, you can come back to make other drinks later. Vitamin drinks are how you increase the power of your fighters in Karmaverse Zombie.

—The Shelter
In the game, you have a base known as the shelter. This shelter is where you rebuild civilization. You can decide to grow food here by creating a farm and assigning fighters to grow on the farm. Some fighters have the ability to grow food. Also, the shelter has limited resources. So, you need to venture out to other cities, fighting battles to get more resources. But while fighting, be careful of other bands of survivors who are eager to steal your resources via raid.

In Karmaverse Zombie, there is something called “alliances”, which allows you to fight enemies collectively with other players. But you have to get to level 10 before you can unlock this feature of the game. At level 10, you can either create new alliances or join existing alliances.
To create, you add your alliance name, preferred language, and other details under the option of create alliance. But importantly, you need at least 50 serums to create an alliance. And if you do not have that many serums, you can join an alliance. You will see all available alliances to you, view them, and join the one you like.
While in an alliance, you can chat with other players in that alliance. More importantly, you can fight zombies collectively with players in that alliance. This is available under the “giant corrupted” option, although it requires special energy. There are many tokens and NFTs to be won if you kill the giant zombie collectively. Fighting in an alliance requires that you focus because you have limited time to inflict damage after each attack on the zombie.


Each Fighter card is unique with its own capabilities, bonuses, and personalized avatar, and represented by an NFT.

Once a player has their own Fighter, this asset belongs completely to them, including both ownership and usage, which means the company and developers stake no claim or control over the asset. It cannot be removed, stolen, or modified by any other party unless the owner of the Fighter NFT chooses to do so in the free and decentralized marketplace or otherwise utilize it as they see fit.

In the game itself, Fighters have different rarities (represented by the number of stars), colors, levels, bonuses, combat ratings, and special skills, alongside other unique attributes.

The number of stars a Fighter possesses denotes their rarity.
✰ are the most common Fighters, with the lowest potential.
✰✰✰✰✰ are the rarest Fighters, with the most powerful stats and combat ratings, bonuses, and special skills.

Each Fighter has one of five colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

In battle, each color has innate strengths and weaknesses. Each color is super effective against one other, and weak against another. Color also affects fighters' interactions with land on the map and their bonuses when using them to operate your shelter.

Fighters can use food and training to increase their level, which increases their combat rating and stats. Due to the lack of Michelin-starred restaurants following the apocalypse, Fighters are not picky eaters, but that doesn't mean they don't have their favorite foods. Feeding them their favorite dishes will enhance their strength even faster.

It's survival of the fittest, and the rarer a fighter is, the greater their ability to survive; after all, when the weak are weeded out, only the strongest are left standing. The rarer a fighter is, the higher their maximum level and fighting potential.

After a fighter has reached their maximum level, they can be promoted, and rise in rank within the shelter.

—Ascension Tier
Fighters that have already reached the maximum level can be ascended to a higher tier if they have obtained enough food and trophies from battle. Their level will be reset to level 1 of their new tier, but retain all of their previous stats and bonuses, allowing them to be leveled up and their stats to be increased even further.

After being ascended to a new tier at level 1, leveling up can proceed in the same manner as before, with an even higher level cap, allowing heroes to gain incredible power.

Unfortunately, many more common fighters simply don't have the potential to reach the highest tiers. They just can't cut it, and so they will max out their levels and tier earlier than stronger, rarer fighters.

As soon as a Fighter reaches the max level for its tier, it cannot be leveled up, and can only be ascended to the next tier. Once a fighter is at the max tier and max level, well, they've reached a plateau. But there may be other ways they can continue to grow.

There are hundreds of unique skills in the game, and players should choose the correct time to use their fighters' skills in battle to achieve victory. Using the skills in accordance with the flow of the battle and in the right order is a critical skill to master.

• Special Skills
Every Fighter has their own unique special skill, and ability they can use on the battlefield. As they level up and rank up, their special skill will improve.
• Passive Ability
Passive abilities are always active and do not require players to activate them or energy to use.
Some passive abilities provide constant bonuses, while others are activated only by the actions of enemies and allies on the battlefield, or act to counter specific kinds of other bonuses and skills. Passive skills come in a bewildering variety and can influence the outcome of battles in unexpected ways, as well as being leveled up by players.

Additional Feature

The NFTs and Tokens may be exchanged on a single market spanning Karmaverse. The marketplace enables you to sell, auction, and purchase NFTs and Tokens from other participants, including tokens having a finite supply that cannot be created over time. Not only is it simple to acquire or sell in-game assets, but you can also earn money from your game.

—Karma Swap DEX
The Karma Swap DEX is a decentralized trading platform that is socially motivated. Players may utilize this versatile, time-saving, and user-friendly platform to exchange, earn, stake yields, and lend or borrow any Karmaverse’s tokens or NFTs.


$Knot is the main utility token in Karmaverse with core values. The total amount of $Knot is 210,000,000.

• $Knot will have key utilities within each game world, such as minting a new NFT by consuming a $Knot.
• $Knot will be the settlement currency in Karma Marketplace.
• $Knot will be used for launching a new game world (User created worlds).
• $Knot will be used for governance and voting.
• $Knot will be used for liquidity mining.
• $Knot will be integrated into P2E mechanics in the game.
• $Knot will be implied in the DeFi system in the Karmaverse roadmap in the future. For instance, users can borrow against $Knot.

Except for early investors, terms of other allocations might be adjusted according to the growth of the community and the development of the game.



At the time of writing, Karmaverse has 73.9K followers on Twitter, 43.4K members on Discord, 25.7K members on Telegram, and 6.1K subscribers on YouTube. The team responds quite quickly on Discord to questions and problems raised by the community.

Karmaverse has the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, announcement, weekly report, leaderboard, events, tutorials, feedback, and mission information. Members from non-English countries are also accepted and given their respective channels for an international chat. In addition, there is a voice channel that members can use to discuss.

Furthermore, Karmaverse concentrates on interacting with the community, including hosting AMA, giveaways, and holding many special events such as Monthly Challenge, Bug Bounty Program, Global Ambassador Program, Meme Contest, Invitation Campaign, User Content-Creating Events, and so on.

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