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Game Analysis: The Next World


08 Feb 2023



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Game Analysis: The Next World


● The Next World (TNW) is a blockchain-based mobile Shoot-To-Earn metaverse built on top of BNB Smart Chain which players may earn tokens or NFTs in the gameplay. TNW is dedicated to providing high-quality graphics with Unreal Engine that allows you to have a flawless gaming experience.

● TNW also has a variety of modes that allow players to compete in several ways: Battle Royale, Mini-Game, Guild War, Tournament, and Battle Pass. All High-Tier Ranked players will be listed on the leaderboard. The leaderboard ranking will be refreshed weekly and there will be rewards available. Monthly consecutive winners are entitled to extra rewards.

● With 5 distinct earning mechanisms: Shoot-and-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Stake-to-Earn, Bid-to-Earn, and Support-to-Earn; Everyone from different fields can now integrate into The Next World.

● NFTs in The Next World ecosystem are a crucial component. Each NFT possesses different functions, appearances, and attributes. It is fundamental to TNW as players must obtain one before entering the ranked match.

● To safeguard the ecology of THE NEXT WORLD's long-term viability and scalability, $TNG and $TNC are important. $TNG (The Next World Gem) is the governance token and a functional utility token as the medium of exchange between participants on The Next World in a decentralized manner. $TNC is mainly designed to power the in-game ecosystem.

● The Next World is developed by a team of well-known experienced gaming developers with over 10 years of experience who have extensive knowledge about video games.

● In May 2022, Hacken Audit published the smart contract code review and security analysis audit report for The Next World. You can access the report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wOlJAyf3EMgAimVLJH63A3jat0325gWA/view?usp=sharing

● At the time of writing, The Next World has 70.3K followers on Twitter, 22.7K members on Discord, 32.9K members on Telegram, 3.2K followers on Instagram, and 2.6K followers on Medium.


The Next World (TNW) is a blockchain-based Battle Royale inspired by Call of Duty. A shooter game featuring a world-class tournament bringing shooter enthusiasts to a whole new level of extreme gaming. TNW ecosystem broadens accessibility, allowing everyone to participate in world-class competition in a decentralized manner. Furthermore, TNW is backed by an experienced game developer and has significant strong connections with several eSport communities.

The Next World is dedicated to providing gamers of all skill levels with high-quality GameFi shooting adventures. Your gaming experience will be beyond anything else you've ever seen in a Play-To Earn game.TNW also serves as an auditorium for anyone who wants to Watch-To-Earn, allowing anyone to make money simply by watching the game.


The Next World is developed by using the Unreal Engine (the most powerful real-time 3d creation), a comprehensive set of tools for anybody working with real-time technology. It gives creators in a variety of sectors the freedom and power they need to create cutting-edge entertainment, captivating visualizations, and immersive virtual environments.

TNW is developed in a Mobile version and third-person shooter (TPS) viewpoints. Set in several expansive map sites such as a wild country ridge, desolated city, and many more. Players will adventure with different combat zone to enhance their gaming experiences.

TNW has a variety of modes that allow players to compete in several of ways:

—Battle Royale

The Next World is a battle royale combat zone. Parachute and land in the virtual map and battle to be the last one remaining, or team up with friends or other players to outlast other teams on a shrinking map. As the ring gets smaller, players will be forced into more encounters with the remaining.

This mode is classified into two fundamental modes:

·        Casual Match

This is where a new player starts their Shoot-To-Earn journey with TNW. Certain rewards can be obtained with skilled gameplay.

·        Ranked Match

Ranked matches are classified into several categories:Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and Legendary.

—Mini Game (Treasure Heist)

Treasure Heist is an idle strategy game where players may start collecting TNC tokens and special rewards by accomplishing a series of simple tasks with their soldier avatar NFT. Participants will have a basic grasp of how the main game of TNW operates. Additionally, Treasure Heist serves as a thorough training ground for players to gather precious resources to be ready for the future game mode.

Treasure Heist is a web-based game. All you have to do is to link your crypto wallet and start the game. Every player starts with 4 empty battlefield slots, begin training by equipping your soldiers on the battlefield slot. For each opponent's damage dealt, tokens will be given out.

Requirement & Fees

TNC minimum withdrawal: 100 TNC

TNC withdrawal fee:

BNB minimum withdrawal: 0.1 BNB

BNB withdrawal fee: 0.01 BNB

Daily Max Cap (TNC Tokens)

—Guild War

The shooting adventures of THE NEXT WORLD are also featured in Guild War. In Guild War, players compete against each other once a week for the weekly event in a 60-players match(30v30). Robot and tank NFTs can be used to participate.

To be qualified, a guild has to be formed and certain conditions apply. To enter Guild War, the guild has to bid in order to participate, and only the top 3 bidders will get it.

The flash in this game mode is more lethal, and there’s more loot to make up for the teams’ sizes. The winning guild will be rewarded in TNC tokens, TNG tokens, or NFTs. The victorious guild will remain on top of the leaderboard and waits for the next guild to challenge them. The final winner is entitled to a pass or to participate in the exclusive guild war mission. As part of the award, the eventual winner will receive a pass to the unique guild war mission.

—World Class Tournament

Team The Next World brings together gamers from all around the world, forming the world's strongest community of shooter fans and creating the world's first Shoot-To-Earn battleground featuring grand prize payouts for battle royale tournaments.

—Battle Pass

THE NEXT WORLD adventure features a Battle Pass mode. To participate, players need to acquire the Battle Pass to enter this mode. The validity of the Battle Pass is one(1) month.

This is where gamers may complete tasks in return for rewards. In Battle Pass mode, daily, weekly, and monthly assignments are offered; players must level up from Level 1 to Level 80. When players reach Level 80, they can earn special NFTs.



There are presently five main kinds of capsules in The Next World: Genesis, Starter, Common, Rare, Legendary and Genesis.

—Soldier – Avatar

There are 4 types of soldier avatars with 6 tiers of rarity that will be distributed randomly based on probability, each of them comes with different stat-boosting abilities and attributes.

Different rarity possess different range of attributes, different colours representing different rarity.

Soldiers are categorized into 4 types. Each of them represents a unique based stat-boost ability.

—Military Badge

Every soldier avatar can equip up to two military badges to boost extra stats, the first military badge slot will be unlocked at Lv2 and the second military badge slot will be unlocked at Lv4.There are 5 kinds of different badges available and upgradable:

—WAR Crate

WAR Crate is a box system sold by The Next World to users on the Marketplace as a brainteaser box, which will be minted randomly with different grades of loadouts.


The Next World is a shooter game in which firearms and bullets are crucial component. Each weapon demonstrates as an NFT and possesses different functions, appearances and attributes. It is fundamental to TNW as players must obtain one before entering ranking match.

Weapons are to be classified into 6 different rarities: D, C, B, A, S, S+. D represents the most common, whereas S+ represents the rarest which is barely available in the market.

There is a daily usage limit for TNW weapons. To ensure all players a fair system, no player will be allowed to use a single weapon throughout the day and night.TNW weapons has a lifespan. Its purpose is to maintain a healthy ecology. Different levels of rarity result in varying longevity.


To safeguard the ecology of THE NEXT WORLD's long-term viability and scalability, TNG, the governance token, and TNC, the key in-game token, are important.

The mechanisms described intentions are:

·        To empower participants voting rights.

·        To incentivize player's contributions to the game

·        To rewards participants devoted to TNW ecosystem(Staking)

·        To create an internal circulating economy

$TNG(The Next World Gem) is the governance token for the metaverse and core of The Next World ecosystem. TNG is a functional utility token as the medium of exchange between participants on The Next World in a decentralized manner. A transaction token and a yield aggregator generate extra rewards. The total supply of TNG is 5,000,000,000.

$TNG token will be a strict utility token with in-game, staking for stability and reward, elements of yield farming, governance voting, and as a medium of exchange between participants.

$TNC (The Next World Coin) is TNW secondary token built on BNB Chain(BEP-20), apart from the main governance token ($TNG), $TNC is mainly designed to power the in-game ecosystem. $TNC has an unlimited supply, but the emission rate and burnt will be strictly controlled to maintain the inflation rate and balancing of the game. The total supply of TNC is unlimited.

$TNC has several utilities:

·        Can be used to purchase War Crate, while War Crate can mint Weapon NFTs

·        Can be used to purchase Soldier Capsule, while Soldier Capsule can mint Soldier NFTs

·        Participants may choose to use $TNC as a means of exchange to trade for NFTs in the marketplace

·        Can be used in Battle Pass mode to enhance gaming experience

·        Other events



The creators of The Next World are well-known and well-respected in the gaming industry, with over a decade of expertise. Here are a few instances of the excellent team's verified records:  RAN Online, SG Online, Xuan Wu Online, Eximius, Sudden Attack, W3K (Warriors of The Three Kingdoms), Yulgang Online (SEA), Maple story, Nostale, and many more.

Kelvin - CEO & Founder

A veteran yet innovative entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record of success and outstanding accomplishments in the gaming industry, he is proficient in all aspects of development, finance, operations, technology, and marketing.

Founder of Indonesia's first generation of Flash Wolf E-Sport team who achieved outstanding performances in the Mobile Legend competition.

Jeremy - Game Director

An inspiring professional development guru with more than 10 years of expertise within the game development industry, modding and customizing games by using the Unreal Engine.

Jeremy is also the CEO of Ammobox Studios and one of the lead developers of the Steam game, Eximius.

Jason Liew - CMO

The previous head of business & development in TNW, has over 10 years of experience in the internet-related start-up. Experience in fundraising, online/offline marketing, and strategic/critical thinking.

Terry - Tech Director

Terry is an expert and possesses extensive knowledge of Blockchain technologies, distributed computing, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (DApps), as well as strong leadership skills.

Poh - Art Director

Poh manages a multi-functional project team, develops creative materials, and is always striving for the best possible visualization.

Ace - Game Lead

Leading a team of 12 members who are experts on game development, visual direction, concepts, UI design, visual UX for UI, features & mechanics for the game. Always strive to deliver the best gaming experience.


At the time of writing, The Next World has 70.3K followers on Twitter, 22.7K members on Discord, 32.9K members on Telegram, 3.2K followers on Instagram, and 2.6K followers on Medium. The team responds quite quickly on Discordand Telegram to questions and problems raised by the


The Next World has the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, announcements, tutorial, sneak peek, tips, updates, feedback, whitelist, and market discussions. Members from non-English countries are also accepted and given their respective channels for an international chat. In addition, there are also many fun channels for sharing content such as memes, videos, designs, art, painting, or anything creative related to The Next World.

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