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Game Analysis: Meta Shooter


16 Feb 2023



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Game Analysis: Meta Shooter


● MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse where players can experience real hunting, explore the open world, and earn rewards in the form of NFTs or tokens. MetaShooter is providing Arcade and Strategic types of gameplays with ultra-sharp graphics and a logical ecosystem.

● Each NFT in MetaShooter has in-game utility, a limited supply, and a unique design. In this way, the issued NFT's rarity and value will be well preserved. You can buy/rent the NFTs through Hunter’s Dashboard.

● On May, MetaShooter introduces NFT Mystery Box which can be very valuable for new players. These items will assist players to progress in the game and monetize more effectively compared to others. Each Box consists of rare hunting equipment like skins, guns, vehicles, consumables, etc. In addition, players will get fantastic perks such as hunting season passes, land whitelists, and invitation keys to the Alpha version.

● On June, MetaShooter launched the alpha version of the game for Windows and macOS exclusive for NFT Alpha Invitation Key holders. While in the Alpha phase, the primary objectives are to debug the code, test security protocols, and verify that the gameplay and game elements are functioning as planned. In addition to completing bug and feedback forms, participants will also be expected to offer constructive input to the team. In addition to gameplay and fluidity testing, the alpha phase will include a number of unique objectives that will be offered to players. Testers will have the opportunity to compete for a variety of rewards, including cash incentives such as in-game token rewards for first place. Every week throughout the alpha period, a new challenge will be made available to players.

● After the alpha release, MetaShooter held its First Mission. During the first month, the team gathered responses from the community through the DAO vote, resulting in a new reward system update. This reflects that the voice of the community in MetaShooter is heard and taken into account by MetaShooter’s team.

● MetaShooter team is a group of senior game developers and artists with more than a decade of experience in the game industry and five of experience working in the crypto space.

● At the time of writing, MetaShooter has 94.8K followers on Twitter, 17.8K members on Discord, 43.4K members on Telegram, 3.7K followers on TikTok, and 3.7K subscribers on YouTube. The team responds quite quickly on both Discord and Telegram to questions and problems raised by the community.


MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse that joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can:

Experience real hunting : Play in tournaments, multiplayer, and with stunning visuals with VR compatibility,

Hunt & Earn : Receive token rewards by hunting trophies, winning tournaments, and more,

Customize & Upgrade : Buy, upgrade hunting equipment and customize your hunter,

Develop : Buy hunting lands, build towers, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income,

Explore the open World : Hunt anywhere you want, experience various environments, stunning visuals, and realistic dynamics.

MetaShooter is providing Arcade and Strategic types of gameplays, team is developing a high-end product on the blockchain, and its targets not only Play-to-Earn gamers but also actual gamers. MetaShooter is planning to go for mass adoption and to transfer actual Web 2 gamers to the blockchain world. One of the plans is to introduce classic gamers to Play-to-Earn benefits with provided gameplay modes by MetaShooter.

MetaShooter will be pioneers in the crypto industry by delivering ultra-sharp graphics, a logical ecosystem and utilization for the MetaShooter hunting game. In MetaShooter, team thought about every detail which is going to be used in the game in order to provide realistic and best user experience.


Players will be offered to choose their gaming character:

Hunter or Hunting business (Players will be able to go with both). To participate in the game, the player will have to buy NFT assets, such as guns for hunting or hunting land where they will develop their business and host activities.


Hunting can take place at any place in the world. Each corner of the map is filled with individual animals and specifications. For a more realistic experience, the map will feature altitude, destination parameters, danger zones, and more. The player will be able to use the hunters’ map to determine the challenges and prepare for hunting.

Hunting will be possible day and night, under stormy, rainy, or normal weather conditions. In stormy or night-time conditions, the hunter’s chance of catching a rare animal increases due to less crowded hunting zones. On the other hand, the hunter will also have to buy better equipment such as scopes, thermovisors, and so on. If the hunter tries to hunt with unsuitable equipment for a particular animal, their chances of successfully hunting it will not only decrease, but if the animal spots the hunter, it might attack and damage their equipment.

Other vehicles, such as motorcycles or quads, could be used in more mountainous areas. By using these vehicles, the hunter will have better visibility and be more mobile, while also being able to reach more uncommon hunting places and increase better trophy hunt possibilities.

To increase the odds of a successful hunt, the player will be able to buy animal callers, baits, or dogs from the marketplace. If the hunter already has some common trophies and a knife, they can use his trophy as bait to hunt more unique and rare animals. They will also be able to use NFT dogs to track down animals and their locations. The dog can be used also to bring hunted trophies in order to save stamina.

Hunters can invite their friends and share hunting experiences together or work together as a team on hunting rare animals. Players can invite 5 friends into a hunting trip, hunters can host each other in their hunting houses, share vehicles, towers, and other assets.

—Hunting Business

To start, the hunter’s goal is to buy hunting land where the player can develop his business. The MetaShooter island offers 3 types of animals with different breeds and specialties: Carnivores, Herbivores, and Birds.

The players' goal is to build hunting houses, towers, breed NFT dogs, host tournaments and monetize the land’s resources.


There will be several tournaments depending on the hunters' level to test their equipment abilities and hunting strategies to compete for the prize fund. To participate in hunting tournaments, the player will need to purchase a tournament ticket. Hunters which will be not able to complete particular challenges during given time will be eliminated, last player wins.


—Alpha Invitation Key

MetaShooter Alpha key is an exclusive NFT, which will allow the holder to access an even more exclusive MetaShooter Alpha version of the game. You will not only have the opportunity to earn profit while participating in daily tournaments and weekly contests, but you will also get the chance to try out the game and provide your thoughts on how it may be improved in the future. To get NFT Alpha Key, you can either participate in a marketing campaign and try to win an NFT alpha key or you can stake $MHUNT.

In a nutshell, the user will be able to do the following with the MetaShooter Alpha key:

1. Test the game

2. Earn actual incentives

3. Join a community of wild hunters


• Guns, are divided into several types:

o Rifles

o Shotguns

o Pistols

o Bows

o Knives

The guns have hunting levels depending on range, control, accuracy, and damage. Players can upgrade their gun stats with: Scopes, Muzzles, Rounds, Stocks, and Grips.

• Vehicles

Vehicles are one of the greatest items to have. It helps players to reach thrilling open-world locations, find rare animals, bring more equipment and trophies with them, and most importantly, save stamina. You can also bring your colleagues on hunting trips while you play online. The MetaShooter marketplace offers three types of vehicles for better mobility and equipment load:

o MX



• Extra Equpment

Such equipment will be used to outsmart and track animals and increase the odds of a successful hunt:

o Binoculars

o Hunting dogs

o Animal callers

o Smells and Baits


Land is required to build towers, houses, host and breed NFT hunting dogs. Currently, on MetaShooter hunting island there will be 100 different lands available. Each land has different parameters regarding size, suitable for hunting towers, hunting, breeding, and hunting houses. The price of the hunting land will vary from its size and region. If the hunting land is large and includes rare or epic animals, it will automatically be more expensive. The land owner will be able to rent their hunting plot to the other players for a specific fee.


Towers can be used to hide from animals and wait for the right shot, and they increase visibility and gun stability. With towers, hunters can go for longer shots and spot animals without alerting them. The towers can be located on private lands or anywhere on the map. The hunter will be able to rent or buy hunting towers.

—Hunting Houses

Hunting houses are used for hunters rest, trophy galleries, and equipment storage. There will be three types of hunting houses:

• Common (only for rest)

• Epic (rest, trophy gallery room)

• Legendary (rest, trophy gallery, equipment storage)

—Hunting Season Pass

A Hunting season pass is a major thing for a hunter to have. A hunter cannot go hunting without a license, just like in real life. Every player needs to purchase it in order to play and earn from hunting. A Hunter season pass will allow you to access the MetaShooter hunting season, challenges, missions, and more. Every 2-3 months, new hunting seasons will start. So all players has to wait for particular animals to hunt, if player hunts down animals which don't includes in season list, hunter will be fined.

—Dog Breeding

To breed NFT hunting dogs, the player will have to buy male and female dogs. The breeding speed will depend on how many dogs for breeding (male/female) they buy. Another way for the breeder to increase breeding speed is to buy fodder which is converted from caught animals.

Additional Feature

—Hunter Badge

Players will have the opportunity to get NFT Hunters Badge if they staked 6000 MHUNT for 6 months or more. Players that earned hunting badges will be able to take advantage of discounts on the MetaShooter NFT equipment marketplace, hunting season license discounts, and early access to latest NFTs. In addition, extra invites to the land whitelist campaign and special events will be sent to badge holders depending on their badge level. These NFT badges will demand growing values in the future, and they will be marketable and sellable on the marketplace.

—Hunter’s Dashboard

The game will have its own separate dashboard where all players will be able to create accounts, mint NFTs, buy tokens, stake, and more. All in-game assets will be connected with blockchain through the dashboard with the equipment marketplace as well. On the dashboard, you can do: staking, claim rewards, access the marketplace, track hunting statistics, and chat with other hunters to share their hunting experience.


The MetaShooter (MHUNT) token is a Polygon (Matic) blockchain-based cryptographic token that can be traded on the Polygon blockchain. This token will be used as the main currency on the MetaShooter platform as an independent store of value for players and investors. Using the MetaShooter (MHUNT) token in NFT trades, purchases, or donations, will provide users with significantly lower transaction fees. The MHUNT token has a significant value for the whole platform. MetaShooter offers its tokens as a payment option, and ultimately all transactions will be carried out using MetaShooter tokens. All NFT purchases, sales, generation, listing, donations, rewards, and DAO will be held in the MHUNT token. This will guarantee constant token volume and circulating supply.





At the time of writing, MetaShooter has 94.8K followers on Twitter, 17.8K members on Discord, 43.4K members on Telegram, 3.7K followers on TikTok, and 3.7K subscribers on YouTube. The team responds quite quickly on both Discord and Telegram to questions and problems raised by the community.

MetaShooter has the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, feedback, strategies, tutorial, teaser, bugs, and price discussions. Members from non-English countries are also accepted and given their respective channels for an international chat.

MetaShooter also organized several activities to attract users and engage their community, from airdrop giveaways, fan-art contests, and AMA events. Other than this, the team has monthly updates about the gameplay and in-game development on social networks, so that users can track the progress of the project at each stage of the roadmap.

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