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Game Analysis: Wonder Hero


17 Feb 2023



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Game Analysis: Wonder Hero


● WonderHero is a Play-to-Earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS and Android platforms where players collect Heroes, enter turn-based combat, and earn tokens in a fantasy world. You are required to have 3 Hero Team Lineups for PVE (Player vs Environment) and 4 Hero Team Lineups for PVP (Player vs Player). You can get the NFTs by buying from the WonderHero marketplace which is peer-to-peer.

● Every Hero in WonderHero boasts unique skills, ultimate skills, and properties that allow it to take on various combination combat roles. Players' heroes fight in real time and can be commanded to attack enemies with skills, giving the game strategic and interactive gameplay.

● Within 2 days of launching WonderHero Marketplace, there were over 1,300 NFTs sold with a total 70,000 USDT volume and the highest NFT was transacted at 1,999 USDT.

● In December 2021, the WonderHero NFT Staking feature launched successfully with over 200% APR for users to earn $WND. Within 5 days, it reached a Total Value Locked (TVL) of 4.1M on the staking platform.

● WonderHero has conducted #3 WonderBox Sales. The 1st Sale happened on Binance NFT with 5,000 Mystery Boxes sold out. In the 2nd batch WonderBox Sale, WonderHero and Polkastarter jointly implement a whitelist requirement and lottery system, and approx. 1500 WonderBox were sold in the first 30 minutes. The 3rd WonderBox Sale is open to the public with 2,000 WonderBox available.

● During the $WND IDO Public Sale on Polkastarter, a total of 1,500,000 $WND were sold out.

● WonderHero has partnered with numerous gaming guilds, both large and small.

● In April 2022, Certik published a security assessment and audit report on WonderHero.

● At the time of writing, WonderHero has 79.3K followers on Twitter, 14K members on Discord, and 23.7K members on Telegram. The team responds quite quickly on both Discord and Telegram to questions and problems raised by the community.

● WonderHero concentrates on interacting with the community. It can be seen by the holding of various events such as AMA with gaming guilds, Weekly YouTuber Stars Campaign, Exchange NFTs Event, Streaming Event, Creation Contest, Grand Quiz, Member Badge Campaign. Vote Favorite Heroes Event, and NFTs Giveaway.


WonderHero is a Play-to-Earn turn-based RPG with anime-style on iOS and Android platforms where players collect Heroes, Weapons, and equipment. Every Hero in WonderHero boasts unique skills, ultimate skills, and properties that allow it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further customization evolving from the game’s system. Players' Heroes fight in real-time and can be commanded to attack enemies with skills, giving the game strategic and interactive gameplay.

WonderHero has incorporated a game storyline and engaging graphics. WonderHero’s economics is designed to reward players for their contributions to the game. Players can earn by:

• Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get HON + WND

• Upgrading weapons, equipment, and selling them on the NFT marketplace

• Collecting and speculating on rare weapons

• Farming for Honor (HON) and WND that are needed to upgrade Weapons. HON and WND are listed in DEXes for trading

• Staking valuable NFT to get WND rewards

• Staking WND and getting WND rewards

• Taking part in co-sharing economy from WonderHero Yield System


WonderHero features exciting turn-based strategy gameplay and your every decision will determine the outcome of the battle. Players have to control up to 4 different heroes in a team, use their unique skills and a wide variety of equipment to deploy their own strategy on the battlefield.

—Battle Mode (PvE)

In Battle Mode (PvE), players play through Chapters to discover the Game Story while earning tokens, NFTs, and more. Each battle consumes 1 energy point. Players may change their Hero Lineup before entering Battles.

—PvP Arena

Join PvP Arena and battle against other players to rank on the leaderboard for better rewards. Once your account meets the requirements (level 6 and has at least 4 playable Heroes), you will be given 5 PvP challenge chances daily. Each PVP battle will consume 1 challenge chance.

PVP Arena features 5 rank tiers (Black Iron, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Legendary) for players to compete and climb to the top of the ladder. The higher you rank on the PvP leaderboard, the better your rewards. Each PvP Round lasts for 1 week.

PVP Arena adopts auto-battle and manual play is disabled. Your Hero Combination, choice of Weapons, Equipment, and the sequence of how you line up your team are pivotal to winning more PVP battles. The Top100 players in each rank tier can be checked on the website. The whole WonderHero community will know who the leading players are as the team broadcasts updates every week on the social media channels

—Infinity War

Infinite War mode is a game mode where you are given randomized Level 100 heroes to start. 2 random rewards will be given to upgrade your team’s combat effectiveness for every round won. The game will continue until the whole team is defeated and you earn a tier level based reward. Each week, players will get 1 ticket to enter Infinite War. Infinite War will only be unlocked when the Player reached account level 8.


All WonderHero in-game items are NFTs in nature. Hero skins, Weapons, and Equipment are NFT assets and require $HON/$WND to upgrade them. Each NFT is unique with different stats and attributes even though the NFTs can have the same name and number of stars. There are numerous elements that different WonderHero NFTs into different classifications:

—Hero Skins

Currently, there are a total variety of 125 Hero Skins out of the 16 Heroes. The max level you can enhance Hero Skins is Level 10.


Currently, there are a total variety of 139 weapons out of the 16 Heroes. The maximum level you can enhance or modify a Weapon is Level 10.


There are over 400+ NFT assets in WonderHero and a majority of them are the Equipment. There are 3 main categories of Equipment that players can equip a Hero:

• Headgear

• Battlesuit

• Badge

Besides single/standalone equipment, there are also rare and powerful NFTs that are related to a collection set. When the full set is equipped onto a Hero, it will grant additional abilities.


WonderBox is the NFT Mystery Box of WonderHero where users will buy at a price in USDT per box and get 5 mystery NFT assets in it:

• 1 Hero Exclusive Skin

• 1 Hero Class Weapon

• 3 Hero Class Equipment

WonderBox NFTs will only be minted periodically. The ratio of WonderBox in market supply will be maximum capped in the ratio of 1:3 according to the number of token holders. For example, if there are 10,000 token holders of $WND tokens, the total supply of WonderBox will be 30,000.

Additional Feature

—WonderHero Marketplace

Introduced in December 2021, WonderHero Marketplace enables players to buy or sell WonderHero NFTs. WonderHero Marketplace charges a nominal 5% transaction fee for every successful sale of WonderHero NFT assets such as weapons, heroes, and equipment. 95% of the revenue will be placed into the Mining Rewards and DAO will vote for its future usage.

—NFT Staking

In December 2021, WonderHero launched NFT Staking Pool where users can stake their WonderBox NFTs and earn $WND. By staking the NFTs, you receive staking rewards according to the APY (annualized yield), staking duration, and the number of NFTs staked. When you upgrade the NFTs using $HON and/or $WND, the NFT will become more valuable and increases its staking power too.

Staking WonderHero NFTs will have a couple of benefits:

• By staking your WonderHero NFTs, you will make the NFT unavailable for purchase, reducing the supply of WonderHero NFTs for sale.

• You get to earn $WND when you stake your WonderHero NFTs and it even allows you to accrue $WND and claim them as and when you need them. You can earn passive income and continue to boost its value.

—Yield System

Yield System is a management system for small and big Guilds to manage scholarships efficiently, saving 80% of management time so that Guilds can focus on growing scholarship relationships.

• Safe Custody of Sponsors’ NFT Assets — Sponsors get to sponsor their NFT assets to scholars while holding on to the custody of the assets, scholars only have in-game access to the NFTs to play the game.

• Easy Assignment of Split Commission — Guild Masters can easily input the commission and make changes.

• Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly Guild Earning Report — Guild Masters also get to see top performers and the entire Guild scholars’ performance down to each scholar’s performance. All reports will be sent through email.

• Auto and Real-time Commission Settlement — Scholars get a fair share of earned tokens immediately in his/her wallet after every round.

• Fair and Just Decentralized System — Scholars get email notification on the confirmation of scholarships or commission modifications


$WND is the main governance token, allowing holders to have a say in the protocol's usage of accrued revenue and vote for the future direction of the game. Players can stake their valuable NFTs or $WND to earn weekly $WND rewards.

$HON is the primary play-to-earn token of WonderHero. It is earned from winning battles or as a reward for completing challenges and there is also a daily earning limit for $HON tokens. The higher the level, the more players can earn. You can use $HON tokens to upgrade Hero skins, weapons, and equipment. At higher upgrade tiers, you will require both $HON and $WND.


Ethan Ng – Co-Founder & CEO

Ethan covers all key decisions from the product, marketing to strategy and leading the company through its vision. Ethan was Southeast Asia CEO for BiKi.com, a Top 20 Crypto exchange with a daily volume of 50M. He was also the Marketing Lead for Huobi Global, a Top 3 Crypto exchange, and covered a position as Digital Marketing for a bank in Singapore along with 7 years of marketing experience in the startup space.

L - Co-Founder & CTO

L is responsible for the formation and management of the R&D team, and as a producer of game products, he is responsible for the design and development of the game. L also has extensive results and rich experience in the fields of games, centralized exchanges, and DeFi. He was the Tech VP of a Top 20 exchange, responsible for the management and product development of the exchange's tech team; at the same time, he also has rich experience in decentralized products such as liquidity mining and lending. L was the CTO and chief producer of a boutique game studio and has experience in the production of a variety of game products; under the leadership of L, the game studio completed the development of the MOBA game product version in only half a year, and received an investment of 5M USD in the industry; L also has extensive experience in the AR VR field.

Zander Liang - CMO

Zander organizes the marketing behind Wonder Hero, building close relations with KOLs, communities, and media. He was the co-founder of GCUBE, a game guide website and YouTube channel based in Indonesia that produced in-depth game articles and tutorials for popular games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and more. He was responsible for leading the team and the content strategy. At its peak, the website served ~1.8 million pageviews in a month and the YouTube channel has over 65K subscribers. Zander has 10 years of experience in the games industry. Prior to GCUBE, he was co-founder of a mobile game development studio which was acquired in 2017.



At the time of writing, WonderHero has 79.3K followers on Twitter, 14K members on Discord, and 23.7K members on Telegram. The team responds quite quickly on both Discord and Telegram to questions and problems raised by the community.

WonderHero has the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, line-up strategies, tutorial, bug, news, feedback, NFT & price discussion, and there's even a channel dedicated to guild masters and scholars. Members from non-English countries are also accepted and given their respective channels for an international chat. In addition, there are fun channels for memes, streaming, and a voice channel for members to build a good fellowship.

Furthermore, WonderHero concentrates on interacting with the community, including hosting interviews, AMA, Weekly YouTuber Stars Campaign, Exchange NFTs Event, Streaming Event, Creation Contest, Grand Quiz, Member Badge Campaign. Vote Favorite Heroes Event, and NFTs Giveaway. Other than this, the team has routine updates about in-game development on social networks, so that the community can monitor the progress of WonderHero.

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