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Game Analysis: Last Remains


06 Apr 2023



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Game Analysis: Last Remains


● Last Remains is a AAA multiplayer web3 zombie battle royale game developed by Renderer Studios and published by Earn Alliance. The game is still in development and has not yet been released, but pre-registration is open on the official website.

● To win the game, you must be one of the first three survivors to reach the helicopter. As the player progresses towards the rescue point, they will be able to take risks by entering several buildings in quest of water, food, equipment, weapons, and skins.

● Last Remains will run on Polygon and is expected to launch for the public in December 2023. The game has already generated significant buzz and interest among both gaming and cryptocurrency communities.

● Last Remains features high-quality realistic graphics, sound effects, immersive gameplay, and a gripping storyline that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

● Players can earn cryptocurrency rewards through various in-game activities such as completing missions, killing zombies, and trading items with other players.

● 50% of all revenue that Last Remains makes will be redistributed as esports rewards. For example, if Last Remains makes US$500,000 in marketplace transaction fee revenue in Jan 2024, 50% of that revenue (US$250,000) between Feb 2024 - Feb 2025, will be winnable by competing and ranking the highest.

● Between April to December 2023, the team will release NFTs for the community to the mint for free before the game’s launch.

● A new feature called Search and Rescue Staking Game will be introduced as a dynamic monthly staking game which uses to earn rewards based on competition.

● Last Remains has built a solid community with 18.8K followers on Twitter and 6.7K members on Discord. The team responds quite quickly on Discord to questions and problems raised by the community.


In a collaboration between Earn Alliance and Renderer Studios, Last Remains is a new game that combines battle royale and strategy elements in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Last Remains offers a unique gameplay experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With unpredictable zombies, you will need to use your wits and stealth to stay alive.

The game will aim to be distributed on the Epic Games Store, Apple Store, and Google Play Store.


Last Remains is a stealth zombie battle royale. You wake up to a radio message giving you the first hint of where the rescue helicopter will arrive within 30-40 minutes. For security purposes, the rescue team gives the player more direct information about where the helicopter will land. It is currently undecided how many players will be in a single word.

To win the game, you need to be one of the three survivors to get to the helicopter first. As the player works towards the rescue point, they will have the choice to take risks by going into different buildings in search of water, food, equipment, weapons, and skins. Skins are mintable cosmetic NFTs with a paired in-game bonus and disadvantage which can be strategically equipped. There may be other drops that can be taken out of the game and introduced in the future.

The rescue team will give hints every few minutes to inform players which area on the map and eventually the exact pick-up point where the helicopter will land. During the journey, the character will get hungry and thirsty and require food and water to survive. Additionally, weapons and equipment can be found and equipped to improve the chances of success.

The winners who have found them will be able to keep them as a bounty. Players who are playing "Free to Play" characters will have those skins' souls bound to their character, which cannot be transferred to the blockchain.

At the end of the day, it does not matter even if you lose, as all players will receive or lose Zombie Points, which help contribute to their rank and leaderboard. All games will be ranked, with no casual mode, until the popularity of the game grows.

The first map will be in the city of Chongqing, China. Players will realistically run through the world, without vehicles, and are heavily limited by stamina. Moving across the world takes a lot of time. Deciding to head towards the rescue team's tips on where they plan to pick up the remains is a strategic decision. You may explore known high loot areas or try to be one of the first few to explore land closer to the endgame. Zombies tend to become congested over time in areas where humans have already been, not to mention that when you die - you yourself become an AI-powered zombie to join the fight in defeating the remaining humans.

Every building can be explored and will have randomized drops and locked doors. Buildings are vast and have several floors to explore with elevators. Doors will play an important role in battling zombies without any weapons to fight with.

Zombies hear better than they can see. Crouching, walking, and sprinting all have different levels of sound detection, and weather conditions, such as storms, may hinder the abilities of zombies over time. The world has a dynamic weather and lighting system where you will try to survive for several days within the 30-40 minute game session. Hunger and water will both play an important role in surviving long enough to be rescued.

The game will have several types of bosses that are randomly enabled at the start of gameplay. The advantage of defeating a boss or exploring the area in which a boss resides will remain a secret for the community to discover as the game is developed.



Characters are designed to be like battle pass NFTs, and everyone will need to choose a character to play Last Remains. Characters can hold two weapons, one throwable weapon, and have eight inventory slots for general storage.

There are 3 types of Characters available for players to choose from.


●       Free-to-Play Characters

There will be a select number of free characters that will be available in the game to play for free. These characters do not require a wallet to be minted and can be treated like traditional free-to-play games.

The limitation of free-to-play characters is that all found will be soulbound. Soulbound skins cannot be transferred to the blockchain which means they will miss out on being sold on the free market or being upgraded.

You will be able to collect an unlimited number of skins. However, it is only possible for skins to be potentially transferred to the blockchain if you are inclined to pay a fee.

●       Characters NFT

Characters that are minted on the blockchain or as an in-app purchase via Character Loot Boxes act as a battle pass that has a limited 60-day game limit. During this time, players earn that are not soulbound, allowing them to freely transfer to the blockchain. After 60 days, the character will no longer be usable in the game but can be used in the Search and Rescue Staking Game.

A Character Loot Box will be pegged at US$30. Loot boxes will give you a random D-S grade character where a D grade is common and an S grade is extremely rare.

Each character will have a profession that may or may not have a special ability. The initial game will have 30 characters and professions on launch.

●       Genesis Characters NFT

Genesis Characters have the same benefit as Character NFTs, but they act as a lifetime battle pass; they do not have a 60-day time limit. They are not soulbound and hence can be transferred or sold on marketplaces. These characters will have a limited supply of 10,000 and can only be purchased during special events.

—Equipment and Weapon

Throughout the game, there will be various equipment and weapons that can be picked up and used.

Additional Feature

—Search and Rescue Staking Game

Search and Rescue Staking Game is a dynamic monthly staking game that uses to earn rewards. This will act as an alternative to traditional staking. No party in the community will be able to simply stake a token for rewards. All rewards will be based on the competition.

The game will be a mix of auto-chess and idle games where you stake a minimum of 1 Character NFT and 3 skins to participate and involve building the right combination of characters and equipment skins to improve your chances at winning the staking rewards.

—Ladder and Leaderboard

Similar to most competitive games, two types of ladders and leaderboards will be initially introduced. Individual and Guild leaderboards.

Leaderboards and ranks will drive the overall rewards that are distributed at the end of every month. Reward pools are dynamically created.

Every game that is played will either increase or decrease a player's Zombie Points. Depending on the number of zombie points you have and the ranking you hold in your region, the more rewards you will get. Rewards will consist of the USDC prize pool and $ZCOIN supply.


$ZT (Zombie Token) is a simple utility token used for upgrades, exclusive esports competitions, and marketplace discounts.

There would be a 4-5 year vesting schedule for various parties.

●       20% - Investors

●       25% - Team

●       5% - Ecosystem (Guilds, Devs, Tools, Grants, etc)

●       45% - Community Rewards (Competitions, Search and Rescue, Events, Esports)

●       5% - DEX



Published by Earn Alliance

Earn Alliance is managing all operations, tokenomics, and marketing for Last Remains. The team is comprised of game and blockchain experts from companies such as Bitmex, Blizzard, Junglee Games, Binance, Huobi, and Sandbox VR.

Developed by Renderer Studios

Renderer Studios is managing all game design and development. The team has worked with Tencent, Riot Games, Bethesda Studios, and several AAA tiles globally.

Partners and Backers

Angels Investors and Advisors

●       Ankush Gera - CEO of Junglee Games (acquired by PokerStars)

●       Chris Lee - Previously CTO of 6waves

●       Lars Beal - Previously head of CTO Embedded Financial Tech (acquired by FTX) and Third Party Technologies (acquired by Square)

●       Catherine Liu - Early Stage Startup Lawyer

●       Justin Yek - Head of Finance and Corp Dev @ Airwallex Terrance Ma - Music Producer


At the time of this writing, Last Remains has 18.8K followers on Twitter and 6.7K members on Discord. The team responds quite quickly on Discord to questions and problems raised by the community.

Besides the typical Discord channel discussions around gameplay, feedback, and support, there are also fun channels for memes, fan art, and social voice channels.

Furthermore, Last Remains concentrates on interacting with and gathering feedback from the community, including in-game items and a graphic sneak, peek, interviews, and AMA.

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